Organizing A Countrywide Program on ‘The Role of the Students in formation of a Good Governance-based Society’.

Bangladesh is at the verge of multifarious challenges. Huge population, unemployment, abrupt climatic change, drug addiction, AIDS, qualitative decline in education, severe corruption, gradual increase of criminal tendency etc culminated in an apocalyptic problem for the nation. The students and the young people are being led strayed in a huge number, which is a premonition of a dark epoch for our entire nation. It shoved us towards a survival struggle and the survival of the young people and the students could only posit a better way, which could usher us to a right direction from this diabolic imbroglio.

At this juncture, we have to remind that the students are our future leaders and the dreams of a prosperous Bangladesh; therefore it is our prime duty to adapt them with the changing climate and teach them properly the know-how to surpass this troublesome phase of the time.

From this context, we can assert that those students who work hard in student life, practice social and moral values and serve for the humanity- they gradually shape them up as enlightened men and women and immensely contribute to bring substantive change in making an ideal society.

Sheba Bangladesh Foundation has designed a series of workshop to revitalize the concept of good governance among the young generations. As a part of this workshop, 1,000 students of fifty colleges from 10 districts will take part here to have proper directions for the formation of an ideal society. The domino effect of this workshop is, the students with their revamped consciousness will create positive influence as well as provide directions to their peer friends, classmates, families and those who lag behind in the society.

Sharing A Workshop on ‘Climate Change & Water-Resource Management: Adaptation & Mitigation Policy’.

Sheba Bangladesh Foundation is going to organize a Workshop on Climate Change and Water Resource Management: Adaptation & Mitigation Policy in view to ensure that the core of development programs has mainstreamed the climate change issues into good practices.

Based on the on going harsh reality, it is acknowledged that the cumulative impact of climate change has resulted in greater death and destruction from natural disasters adding to the burden on developing countries like Bangladesh. This put the ecosystem, food security, health, communication, infrastructure and economy of the nation at grave risk. There are also huge water-related issues critically affecting food security environment and agriculture.

The objectives of the sharing workshop are to increase the knowledge and skills of participants on adaptation & mitigation processes in the context of climate change and lay foundation to draw up realistic plan of actions for systematic advocacy work. The workshop comprising of thematic discussions, group work, and presentations has been designed for development professionals, project managers, planners, researchers, NGO staff, government staff and those involved in implementing bilateral and multi-lateral projects related to environment management.

We need cooperative regional solutions by a veritable dialogue among the region now. Considering this, Sheba Bangladesh Foundation would like to emphasize the beginning of a multi-annual program of work and we wood expect participants to set aside the necessary time and resources to take this forward.  Sheba Bangladesh Foundation will work as a team to further develop and implement the plan of actions from the workshop.

Workshop on ‘Professional Awareness Building Among the Transport Owners & Drivers along with a Transport Services Award -2017 ceremony’.

The road accidents in Bangladesh have been increasing alarmingly. A lot of people are losing their lives and many more are embracing cripple life every day due to this mishaps. The recent statistics show that each year road accidents cause injuries that lead to disabilities of 25,000   people and they snatch the lives of 12,000 people. This damage is equivalent to BDT. 32,000 crore.
However a great deal of road accidents could be reduced effectively as well as pragmatically if the concerned people undertake some measures and implement them successfully. The transparency and accountability of the people should be ensured. This sense of responsibility among the beneficiaries would be achieved through continual and dynamic awareness building initiatives.
This diverse and daunting task cannot be possible by any organization alone. Integrated efforts of different institutes are needed to achieve this objective. ‘Sheba Bangladesh Foundation’ is going to launch a nation wide ceremony i.e. “Transport Service Award” in order to inspire the transport owners and the drivers for safe driving. It will be a yearly award ceremony. We do believe, these awarded transport owners and the drivers would be more responsible in their profession and feel honored in social gamut. This award will also inspire others successively.    

In this connection, Sheba Bangladesh Foundation is going to launch ‘Transport Service Award-2017’ for 8 transport owners and 125 drivers on the 20th May, 2017. 

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