Democracy and Good Governance Program:

Sheba Bangladesh Foundation has been providing civic education on democracy and good governance in order to strengthen local government. The Organization makes posters, publicity on the promotion of democracy and public awareness against anti-social activities such as vandalism, destruction of public and private properties and promotes rule of law and sound governance by creating awareness among mass population.

Building Good Citizen Program:

Bangladesh has confronted with a great deal of diverse challenges. Because of unemployment, deterioration of the quality of education and with the decaying of moral values at social and national levels, we have been plunging into a dark epoch. The students and the young find themselves into a deep gloom and aimless condition. Being misguided, they have chosen the way of drug addiction and terrorism. As a result, the trend of civic crime has been looming large. The moral fabric of the society has been on the verge of collapse due to slow destruction of potential of the young generation. A socio-economic crisis has already been emerged as an evil syndrome to our society.

Regarding this situation, Sheba Bangladesh Foundation has been undertaking a program entitled ‘Building good citizen through youth leadership development’ at grassroots level. This program is being implemented by seminar, roundtable, training, workshop and rally aiming to bring the students and the young generation to the right way for their survival. Since the students and the young of today will lead our nation in future.

The ingredients of the program are as follows:

  1. Insert family, social and religious values to ensure ethical development
  2. Create youth mindset to know own history, culture and heritage
  3. Orientation with core themes of constitutional rights, human rights, good governance, gender equity and inter religious dialogue.

The experience and knowledge accumulated from this program will provide the students and youths a candid way to their lives and consequently they would be well-prepared and proactive enough to build a vast youth network that would facilitate strengthening the crisis management as well as development at national level. Consequently, they will play a pragmatic and sustainable role in dealing with development issues in the collaborative efforts of every quarter at local levels.

By this time, there are 748 students and 962 youths who have already been formed a Good Citizen Network in 37 groups through aforementioned program. And they are working now actively at their own periphery.


Women Development Program:

Sheba Bangladesh Foundation has been operating this program since 2008. The objective of the program is human development, group formulation, training, legal aid and human rights. Every day women become the victim of torture and are battered by men in the society. Women have been subjected to various forms of torture such as forced early marriage, dowry, divorce, multi- marriage, acid burn, rape and deprivation of liberty of speech and basic rights.

With these circumstances in view, Sheba Bangladesh Foundation has already conducted necessary activities and programs to create awareness among the people in order to protect and emancipate women from all forms of exploitations. The organization has also created opportunities for income generating activities by providing training on poultry rearing, goat raising, homestead vegetable gardening, sewing and handicrafts to the aforementioned groups. About 1200 women have been direct beneficiaries through these activities.

Sheba Fashion:

Sheba Fashion is an income generation and employment creation project of Sheba Bangladesh Foundation. The Foundation endeavors to provide self reliance of the poor and destitute women in our society through the project. The products especially handicrafts, bed sheets, wall mats, rags and traditional blankets produced by the women of the project are sold in the markets of home and abroad. As of to date a number of 587 destitute women in Kushtia District become self reliant out of the project. A great number of women received training on stitching hand made blankets and making hand loom fabrics for baby garments, caps and rags.

Health and Sanitation Program:

The overall health and sanitation condition of the country is below minimum standard level. Regarding this dire situation, Sheba Bangladesh Foundation is trying to improve the condition through following activities:

  • Establishment of Mother and Child Care (MCH), Family Planning and Child Welfare Institution and mobilization of the local community towards sanitation activities.
  • Undertaken preventive activities against the use of heroine, alcohols and any form of drug abuses and protect people from HIV/AIDS and many other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
  • Launched various community awareness campaign/program against HIV/AIDS, child trafficking and community rights.
  • Observing different Days and Weeks enshrined at National & International events and undertaken relevant activities accordingly.
  • Organizing different activities such as symposium, workshop, conference and publish souvenir.
  • Publishing bulletins and magazines in view to create community awareness on the relevant issues that focus on the spread of communicable diseases and surveillance.

Relief and Rehabilitation Program:

Sheba Bangladesh Foundation is conducting following Relief and Rehabilitation Programs:

  • Assisting people, victims of natural calamities and any other disaster during the dire need by delivery of relief items, supply of pure drinking water and organizing post disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction along with capacity building to attain community ownership and sustainability of NGO supported activities.
  • Developing civic education for the victim communities and providing post victim/trauma recovery support to the above- mentioned communities.

Road Safety Program:

Bangladesh is the most road accident prone country in the world. It is increasing seriously day by day. So road accident has become a common disaster and regular awful scenario in our daily life. According to the governmental and non-governmental sources, every year more than twelve thousand people die and twenty five thousand people get seriously injured from these road accidents. A significant portion of these people become permanently disabled. This damage is equivalent to BDT. 32,000 crore.

In this situation, Sheba Bangladesh Foundation has been conducting ‘Road Safety Program’ through seminar, roundtable, training workshop, rally, human chain, demonstration, leafleting and postering. The Organization is continuously trying to develop the consciousness among the transport owners, workers, passengers and concerned authorities to avoid these mishaps. Sheba Bangladesh Foundation is going to conduct a program named ‘Project for Assistance to Rehabilitate People Disabled by Road Accidents’.


Legal Aid Program:

In many cases, under privileged women and children of our society are subjected to domestic violence, torture and extortions by the influential sects of people in our society. Some vulnerable people of our society become victims of gender violence and extortions by miscreants and traditional elders at rural level. Due to lack of knowledge and abject poverty, theses sects of people have no access to basic legal system of the country. Some times they fear to approach the court of law to seek justice against the violation of their fundamental rights. The Foundation provides free legal services to the unsecured and weak segments of our communities through the Legal Cell. We have designated volunteer solicitors at the court of law who have been actively involved in providing legal remedy to the aggrieved and violated persons.


Pure Drinking Water Supply Project:

The drinking water covering maximum areas in the Southern and Coastal districts of |Bangladesh are not drinkable due to contents of salinity. Moreover a lot of areas have saturated arsenic contents in drinking water which is very dangerous for human health. Apart from that, most of the districts including Dhaka City has defective water supply system. As a result, the drinking water at the city has risks of contamination with various pathogenic and bacterial properties. Maximum city dwellers have no confidence on safety of water supply and hence rely on boiling water. If water is boiled, it cannot give guarantee of safety due to the fact that some residual particles remains at the leek and minerals contents of water become inactive for human health. The boiled water could have long term effect of our health due to the fact that the aluminum pots used for the purpose could melt on inner wall regular heat and slowly dilute in water. As a matter of fact the boiled water apparently looks drinkable but it has health hazards in the long run. Most of the destitute and poor people cannot boil water due to scarcity of cooking fuel. It is fact that due to lack of safe drinking water many people suffer from water borne diseases specially stomach ailments, hepatitis, typhoid etc. A group of unscrupulous business men engage in supply of shoddy bottled water by the sheer abuse of the trust of the consumer communities. It is indeed immoral to sell unsafe drinking water to innocent consumers with the emblem of pure drinking water.

At these circumstances, Sheba Foundation has been implementing a project entitled “Pure Drinking Water” Under this project, the Foundation decontaminate and purify water by application of the most modern technology and supply to domestic households, hospices, hotels, industries and educational institutions. The Foundation is going to set up community based water purification and desalination plants for the mass people in the southern and coastal districts of \Bangladesh. A prominent organization called Mafco Aqua Research has been providing all necessary technical support to this project of Sheba Bangladesh Foundation.

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