1. To rehabilitate the landless and the destitute subjected to abject poverty given MDGs framework into consideration.
  2. To rehabilitate destitute and marooned families and make available healthy latrines, sanitation and safe drinking water.
  3. To establish income generating institute for the benefit of the organization in order to create renewable resources for the cause of humanitarian and charity works.
  4. To set up small cottage industries based on locally available bamboo, cane, silk web, thread and clay as raw materials.
  5. To assist the women involved in the activities like the production of small scale cottage products by using locally available raw materials such as handloom, handicrafts, bamboo, cane etc. and the marketing of the products.
  6. To set up vocational training institution and create livelihood for the victims of child abuse, child labor and child sex.
  7. To provide information and legal support  to prospective expatriate workers regarding job condition, employment rules and regulations in his/her country of destination etc.
  8. To empower the coastal fishing community for their livelihood security.
  9. To establish EPI and MCH centers in view to provide family health, child health care, primary health care and preventative care for mother and child health.
  10. To conduct training for the local community on how to use locally available fruits and       vegetables for making nutritious and balanced child food.
  11. To set up monitoring and evaluation cell for the degradation of environment and destruction of echo system leading to violation of human rights.
  12. To work for adaptation with the impacts of climate change and for building resilience of the vulnerable groups.
  13. To develop modern agricultural system by introducing advanced technology.
  14. To engage in activities to contribute to the promotion and development of human as well as moral principle and human development, diffusion of social vices and corruptions.
  15. To create awareness to reduce road and river accidents.
  16. To disseminate information about dead, injured and missing in various accidents.
  17. To inspire the people for keeping personal identity card mentioning blood group during journey for identifying after accident.
  18. To contribute towards development of quality of education in the country in order to create a knowledge based society, elevate the excellence of manpower and accelerate development of the country.
  19. To set up a full fledge community based library that will focus on creation of community awareness on Mother and Child Health, Child Rights, Health Education, Environment, Sanitation and Community mobilization.
  20. To publish periodicals, monthly that contributes to the community awareness creation against racial discrimination, violation of women rights, environmental degradations and social vices of all kinds etc.
  21. To invite both national and international scholars and conduct seminars, symposium & workshop in order to highlight social problem and seek remedies.
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