With a vision to serve the humanity and the humanitarian causes, a group of dedicated people created a platform under the rubric of Sheba Bangladesh Foundation (SBF). The platform set forth its mission in 2005. SBF is not an addition to the numerous NGOs in the country. It has its own motif and motivations.

Persons who are resolved to work under the auspice of SBF are distinguished in their own fields. They believe that by combining their experiences, insights and knowledge, they could contribute significantly to the welfare of the society and nation. The purport to work on this platform is to upgrade the quality of living of the people in our society.

The people who are commissioned to undertake this project have a particular objective; they are aspirant visionaries with a firm ambition to transform our society into a better one by metamorphosing the socio-economic and political dynamics of the country. SBF expects to see a self-reliant Bangladesh, which could be possible by eliminating illiteracy, corruption, hunger and poverty from the society. It is working relentlessly to achieve this objective. Hence SBF believes that support and contribution from all walks of the could play a vital role to achieve the objective of it.


Sheba Bangladesh Foundation (SBF) is determined to establish a democratic society in a true sense. It wants to empower the disadvantaged people through their participation in social, economic and cultural ambiances and steer them to a meaningful direction. As a result they could establish themselves with their own identities. With a view to achieving this goal, SBF wants to engineer such a society, which will leverage equal opportunities and benefits to all the members of the society.

SBF also wants to ensure a proper management of roads and highways along with water transportation sectors in order to avoid the mishaps that frequently take place and cause a lot of deaths and damages of the public and private possessions. SBF wants to emerge as an institution, which will promote human rights and permeate the values of justice, transparency, accountability, equality and mutual respect and understanding in every corner of the society.

In a broader sense Sheba Bangladesh Foundation (SBF) wants to promote human rights and sustainable development, which will encompass proper management of roads ands water transportation sectors, training, education, motivation and awareness building of the commoners, gender equity, legal and humanitarian aids to the disadvantaged people, curative disease management and awareness building for he ecological balance and environmental degradation.

Bangladesh is a democratic country and we, who are intertwined with SBF, are very much optimistic to promote democratic norms and values among the mass and hence it is one of our prime objectives to resuscitate good governance throughout the country.

Organizational Capacity

SBF has 5 Professional, 3 technical and 16 Supporting staffs. Most of them are well experienced in their own fields. They are working together and have formed a multidisciplinary team. The Professional and the technical staffs maintain a close relation to the latest academic thinking and keeping latest knowledge of modern technology for the interest of the clients. The organization is also in close co-operation with the universities research organization and various institutes whereby the expertise of these are made available in case of special problems. SBF is highly capable to complete assignments with any project of diversified nature and maintain separate section. All the individual sections are managed by highly educated with proven experts both in the country and abroad and have direct linkage with the related department and institutes.

Governance and Management

The General Committee of the organization is the highest policy formulation body. It meets once in a year to review and approved plans, budgets, expenditure, progress and formulate policy decision. The General Committee elects Executive Committee for three years at annual general meeting. The Executive Committee is responsible and accountable to the General Committee. It consists of 13 members including Chairman, Executive Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer and Organizing Secretary. The Secretary General is Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for day to day management and implementation of decisions made by the Executive Committee. There is an Advisory Council of the organization to advise the Executive Committee from time to time.

Strategy and Working Approach

SBF identifies the major local and national problems. It surveys on different issues, researches and analyzes and then format action plans to solve the problems. It carries out the tasks by engaging the local people. Frequently it complies with the like-minded organizations to serve its purposes.

Development Philosophy

It is not the aim to rely on gratuitous relief or unending support to perform the tasks; rather SBF always aims at the individual and collective development by using their capabilities and strengths. So SBF wants to entrench its posture; thus it hopes to become self-reliant within a short period.


The Partners of Sheba Bangladesh Foundation (SBF) are mainly INTERSOS (emergency humanitarian NGO), Italian NGO committee, Civil Society, Civil Bureaucrats, the technocrats and the merit crates of universities and different think tanks, national institutions and so forth.

Legal Status
Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau under the Prime Minister’s Office. Government of the People’s  Republic of Bangladesh.
Registered with the Joint stock Companies & Firms under Societies Registration act XXI of 1860.
Name of Organization’s Auditors:
Chartered Accountants
92, DIT. Road (3rd Flr.) Malibagh, Dhaka-1217 Tel : 9331758, Cell: 01712-538754
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