With a vision to serve the humanity and the humanitarian causes, a group of dedicated people created a platform under the rubric of Sheba Bangladesh Foundation (SBF). The platform set forth its mission in 2005. SBF is not an addition to the numerous NGOs in the country. It has its own motif and motivations.

Persons who are resolved to work under the auspice of SBF are distinguished in their own fields. They believe that by combining their experiences, insights and knowledge, they could contribute significantly to the welfare of the society and nation. The purport to work on this platform is to upgrade the quality of living of the people in our society.

The people who are commissioned to undertake this project have a particular objective; they are aspirant visionaries with a firm ambition to transform our society into a better one by metamorphosing the socio-economic and political dynamics of the country. SBF expects to see a self-reliant Bangladesh, which could be possible by eliminating illiteracy, corruption, hunger and poverty from the society. It is working relentlessly to achieve this objective. Hence SBF believes that support and contribution from all walks of the could play a vital role to achieve the objective of it.

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Organizing A Country-wide Program on “The Role of the Students in formation of a Good Governance-based Society”
Sharing a workshop on “Climate Change & Water-Resource Management: Adaptation & Mitigation Policy”
A National workshop on “Professional Awareness Building Among the Transport Owners & Drivers along with a Transport Services Award -2008 ceremony”
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